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It’s not your fault. If you are seeing this you have discovered the secret underbelly of the Alice Wetterlund Merch store. I am so ashamed that you are seeing this. But it is my truth. The Alice Wetterlund Handmade Merchsperience, or the AW Shop as we call it around here, is just a website, made by Alice. On wordpress. Using a thing called woocommerce. I know. Disgusting Alice Wetterlund — CEO of Whateverthefuckthisis Point is, I had to make a blog post to satisfy the evil machinations of this website so that it would stop creating child themes or template blocks or…I honestly don’t remember why I needed to do this anymore. I can’t even figure out how to remove the photo of that random child. It’s been too long. I am inside a submenu of some kind editing this and there is just a kid with a sort of homespun hippie looking shirt that says “play outside.” Are you seeing this too? I hope that no one ever sees this. Or, is that true? Can I even trust myself to not commodify my own unhinged musings on the deepest levels of my merch website? Can I just allow this to be, unspoiled, unseen, and left unread like so many texts to my ex? JK I would never date someone who leaves read receipts on. Ok sorry, anyway this page should say something like “Oops that page is not found!” and then like a link to go back to the main page.