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Submitted By Product Idea What is it?
THEE Lorax Tree Tree.
Rubik’s cube but it’s impossible. It might be possible tho, so people are going crazy.
Wes Street Snacks Pre-packaged road kill treats. (?)
Alexa Electronic pogo stick Bouncy and speedy
Alex L Brown The Toothbrush Plunger It’s a toothbrush that’s also a plunger!
Barney Lipstick tazer
Vape / duck caller When you inhale it’s a vape and when you blow in it’s a duck caller
Me Fishsticks Wet Fish breaded with things.
Mike Hunt HerpPeas Peas to cure herpes
The beast within
Cosmas Teleporter
Olivia Bone growth serum for short people. It make tall.

It grows the bones.
Olivia alcohol that you can’t taste
Anna Fun baby helmets Those helmets to squish babies heads into a sphere when they come out the wrong shape except it’s in other shapes (cube, cone, rectangular prism, etc)
Vinnie Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory
Dane Dildo
Alexa Electric pogo stick Pogo stick that bounces electronicly. Bouncing and speed
Iowa State University Student Chandeliers Big, crystal, glowy, the works
Dane Dildo
Cosmas Roomba Only shoots the dust out
Tamia Brown Dirt Just want to see how youd advertise dirt
Yes Long Bacon Bacon that is long
Luke Dehydrated Water Just add water
Merp Triangle Tampons

Glass eye for horses
Butter bottle Bottle made of butter filling with… unknown substance/liquid……
Also Alice Ranch Glass It’s Ranch Flavored Window Glass
Alice Birdbath and Beyond
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